Getting by with a little help

Quite a lot has come on since the last post. We took all our bits and bobs to a welder in Nkhata Bay, and despite a week of rolling power cuts he managed to fit us in, and turn our pile of scrap into a snazzy metal frame. We then painted it up to stop it rusting and also make it look stealthy and cool.


ignore the clamps, string and rust

 We managed to recruit some assistants, I don’t remember asking for their help but these guys turned up anyway. I now have an example of ‘managing a team’ for job applications, although this lot were a law unto themselves :). We had a about 10 helpers for a bit, which was probably more than we needed. Once we learned how to say ‘Hey!’ ‘No’ and ‘Stop that’ in Chitonga, things calmed down, or maybe it was time for their dinner. Apparently they borrowed my camera for a bit, as there are quite a lot of blurry self portraits on there now. The noisy bike device seems to be too cool a toy to leave alone too, so we had plenty of willing pedallers.





photography skills


The pump works now for a short length of hose, and we had it pushing water up the slope yesterday at roughly 20 litres per minute, which is good news. Slightly more tricky is sucking the water from the lake (about 15m away over rocks) to our shady pedalling spot. Priming the system with water is a bit of a pain due to the long pipes involved, if there’s a knack to it we haven’t found it yet.

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One Response to Getting by with a little help

  1. Milan says:

    Good progress all, glad to see a working pump! Hope you manage to find the solutions you need. Perhaps ask around to see if anyone has any ideas there or in Sheffield.

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